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How to Travel from Copan Ruinas to Santa Ana by Bus

The tourist shuttle from Copan Ruinas to Santa Ana in El Salvador costs around 40 USD per person. That’s maybe a good option if you’re short on time but an awful lot of money otherwise. […]

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My Top 10 Travel Highlights in 2013

Today we’re exactly 6 months on the road. And while living a life on the road is basically a highlight on its own, there have been a couple of experiences that really stand out. So, […]

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Tea House Trekking to Poon Hill & Annapurna Sanctuary

We are proud and happy we did this trek. Proud because before we went on this 14-day trek we had never been hiking in the mountains for so long. In fact the 4-day trek to […]

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Getting your Indian Visa in Kathmandu (Oct 2013)

When I searched for some information on how to apply for an Indian tourist visa in Kathmandu, I found a couple of useful blog posts but apparently the process has slightly changed so I thought […]

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Trail Report: Kyrgyzstan

We made it to China! Two days ago we crossed the Irkeshtam border which was quite an adventure on its own. More about that in the next post. First it’s time for the report on […]

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Trail Report: The Road to Istanbul

One of the first things that come to mind when you start planning for long-term traveling is “what does it cost?”. Unfortunately there’s no clear answer to that because it highly depends on the destinations […]

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