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Travel Plan: We’re Coming to America

Today we would be riding a motorbike through the Mekong Delta. But when we looked outside, dark rain clouds were coming in. Shortly followed by thunderstorms and a heavy downpour that didn’t seem to end. […]

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Why Crossing Into China Needs Some Planning

And how we almost went wrong on that… It was last Wednesday that we were ready to take the marshrutka from Osh to Sary Tash, the last town before the Irkeshtam border crossing to China. The […]

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Kicking Off in Croatia

If you’re somewhat familiar with our original travel plan you know that we are heading for Turkey first and travelling further into Asia from there. But the missing link was how to get to Turkey […]

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3 Months before Departure

Last weekend we passed the 100 days-until-departure milestone! Only 3 months to go and the preparations have truly kicked off now. There was quite a list of things we have to do before we can […]

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The Original Bucket List

It must have been someday in the summer of 2008 that we were daydreaming about all places we still wanted to visit. We decided to both write down our personal top 20. After that we […]

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The Master Travel Plan

When I tell people about our plan to go travel the world, one if the first things they ask is where we will be going. So is there a plan? Yes, there is… The plan is […]

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