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When a new WordPress blog is installed they automatically add a new post with the title “Hello World!”. Normally I would delete this example post or at least change the title but to announce our new travel blog this title actually seemed quite right. So… here it is. 

What’s it all about? After almost 4 years of saving money, making plans (and changing them again and again), next summer Carina and I will set off on a 2-year journey around the world. To accompany this adventure I’ve created this blog. First of all to share our experiences with friends and family. But besides that we hope to become a source of information and inspiration to get fellow travelers started.

This is the beginning of a new blog but it might be bigger than that. We have never been on a journey like this before and at this moment I have no idea where it will lead to. Maybe it’s the start of new so called location-independent lifestyle. Or maybe we just travel for 2 years and are more than happy to come back home. I don’t know, we will be thrown into the unknown. At this moment we certainly have planned to come back, after all I still have my job to return to and we keep our house too. But we might change our minds about that. We have to find out along the way…

For now, it’s just a new blog. We had another one before (Karel’s Travels) but I decided to create this new one because:

  1. A journey like this definitely deserves a new blog;
  2. Since Karel is no longer with us, I had to come up with a new name;
  3. As a software programmer I felt I had to build a blog site myself (which is a fun thing to do);

As we go global, so does the blog. I decided to start writing in English so more people will be able to read it. But as I’m quite new to that, forgive me on my occasional grammar mistakes or poor writing skills. I promise it will get better. But I have no intention of becoming a professional travel writer though so please keep your expectations low 🙂

I have already posted the overall travel plan and the next couple of months I will post some new stories that have to do with the preparations of the journey (formalities, renting the house, packing, etc.) as well as some backgrounds on how we got to this point (saving money, how to budget, etc.)

Also, you will still come across some older posts written in Dutch because I imported these posts from the former blogs about our trips to Indochina (2008/2009), Thailand (2010) and Bali (2011). I thought it would be a waste not to add the places we already wrote about before. And now the “Stories From” tag-cloud fills up nicely too…

Enjoy reading!


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