Travel Plan: We’re Coming to America

Today we would be riding a motorbike through the Mekong Delta. But when we looked outside, dark rain clouds were coming in. Shortly followed by thunderstorms and a heavy downpour that didn’t seem to end. Rainy season in full swing. It leaves us no other option than to postpone the motorbike tour. Good thing is I now have the time to write this post and reveal our travel plans for the upcoming months. One thing I can tell: in September we’re coming to America.

Vietnam to Myanmar


Myanmar has been on our wish list for years. Many times we were about to go but for varied reasons we always changed our mind on the last moment. This time we are determined.

We love to travel overland. Not that it’s a comfortable way. For the most part it isn’t. But it’s always kind of an adventure. Chances are you will be crossing land borders with bribable customs officers, traveling on rickety buses and ending up in obscure towns on the way. Sounds appealing, right? Probably not. Nevertheless, for me traveling overland definitely adds to the experience. You see more, you witness more. And most likely that will be good things.

Overland from Vietnam to Myanmar

Overland from Vietnam to Myanmar

So we choose to travel overland from Vietnam to Myanmar. As said we’re in the south of Vietnam now. In the next 2 weeks we will explore the Vietnamese and Cambodian coast (and maybe some islands). And probably settle down on a beach for a few days before hopping on a bus to Bangkok. From there it’s up north to enter Myanmar at the Mae Sot border crossing which has recently opened up for tourists. With maybe a cultural stop in Ayutthaya or Sukothai in between.

There’s no detailed plan for Myanmar. After crossing the border we will most likely travel in the direction of Yangon. The temples of Bagan and maybe an overnight trek to Inle Lake is all I have in mind right now. For the rest we’ll see what comes up. I only know that our trip has to end in Mandalay from where we fly back to Bangkok for our next adventure..

Back to India


Perhaps the most exciting part of this itinerary. We go to Ladakh. Because over the past few months we have learned that we prefer mountains over beaches. In Indonesia we have been on idyllic, tropical islands for days on end. No complaints. But the thing is, after a couple of days on a beach, no matter how beautiful, it tends to get a bit boring. Nice to have a relaxing beach break every now and then but there has to be a bit of action in the middle. Or at least a change of scenery.

We love India

We love India

While gazing over the clear blue sea in Indonesia, we realized that the trekking we did in Kyrgyzstan and Nepal are among the best things we did in the last year. Before leaving Asia we just HAD to go back to the Himalayas. We looked at the options and found out that August is perfect for Ladakh. So we applied for our Indian visa in HCMC (Saigon) and booked our tickets to Leh 🙂

And since we have about 5 weeks in India we might even throw in a yoga retreat in Rishikesh or a Rajasthan tour. Or both! (but maybe I’m a bit optimistic here…)

Japan and… Roadtrippin’ California!

Big Sur

From Delhi we fly back to Bangkok from where we  go on to Hong Kong, Tokyo, LA and Mexico City. Neither Japan nor the US was on our itinerary at first. Would take up a too big part of our budget. But then Carina found a very reasonable priced ticket. One that allowed us to have multi day stopovers in Tokyo and LA. Only thing is that we have to fly on 9/11…

We just have to grab this opportunity. Japan and California without the extra costs of getting there?! It’s too tempting to let go. Now only some inventive book-keeping to fit it into our budget. Will work that out later. Anyhow, it means we will be visiting Japan from the 11th until the 22nd of September. Immediately followed by a three-week Californian road trip! How cool is that?!

Coming to  America

Coming to America

America, here we come!

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  1. Myrthe March 21, 2015 at 11:36 am #

    Via facebook kwamen er een paar foto’s langs en…..i’m hooked!!!!
    Prachtig wat een mooi om naar gelukkige mensen te kijken! groetjes Myrthe

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