The Original Bucket List

It must have been someday in the summer of 2008 that we were daydreaming about all places we still wanted to visit. We decided to both write down our personal top 20. After that we combined the 2 lists. This is what we came up with…

  1. West Coast USA Road Trip
    From Las Vegas to San Francisco in a cool American car. Or a camper van. See the Grand Canyon. From LA up the coast to San Francisco. And visit some National Parks too.
  2. New Zealand
    In a camper van or 4-wheel drive. Plus tent. Camping, hiking and rafting.
  3. Patagonia, Chile & Argentina
    Maybe in a group. Or individual in a 4-wheel drive. Combined with a visit to Buenos Aires and Montevideo. And a beach in Brazil…
  4. West Canada
    In a camper van. Vancouver area. With a possibility to go snowboarding too. Lots of National Parks. And bears! And moose!
    (apparently this camper van thing was hot back in 2008… :-))
  5. Afrika
    On an organized group holiday maybe? Zoo animals in the wild! Specially lions. Beautiful nature. South-Africa. Cape Town. But Kenya or Tanzania is nice too. As long as there are lions. And elephants.
  6. China
    The Great Wall and the limestone mountains in the South.
  7. Scotland
    In autumn. Hiking and mountain biking. After that relax with a glass of whisky around the fire-place. Combine with a city trip to Edinburgh or Glasgow. Or both.
  8. Northern Light, Norway
    Around Tromso in Norway. Just the light, a good hotel and a book. Nothing else. For 1 week. (Carina went there early 2013)
  9. Australia
    Sydney. Melbourne. Tasmania. Road trip.
  10. Japan
    A trip along the famous cities. By train. And a nature trekking.
  11. Peru
    Machu Piccchu, Inca Trail. Those lines in the field. Those things.
  12. Jordan
    Petra! En some bathing in the Red Sea.
  13. India
    Fascinating country. Must see and must experience. Backpacking. No idea if I like the country but want to have experienced it myself.
    (after a couple of SE Asian travel experiences I’m less afraid of India now :-))
  14. Brazil
    First jungle tours and then relax on the beach.
  15. Tuscany, Italy
    Fly into Pisa and rent a car. Stay in a nice “agriturismos”. Delicious food. Roman culture. Florence, Lucca, Siena, Rome. (we can tick off this one since we spent last summer in Italy and visited the island of Elba, Rome and Siena)
  16. Marrakech, Marocco
    City trip. Lay down on one of these cushions and suck on a water pipe while looking at the stars. With a camel standing next to it. Something like that. And buy some nice things for the house.
  17. Northern Spain
    On our first big holiday together we went on a road trip through Spain and visited my fathers birth place: Asturias. We would like to go back there. Do a multiple day trekking in the Picos de Europa. And the Guggenheim in Bilbao. And Oviedo. And maybe Galicia.
    (We went back in the early summer of 2009 and actually did a beautiful 3-day trekking with friends. Also we visited the Guggenheim.)
  18. Eastern Europe
    Into the old world. Visit places like Saint Petersburg, Moskow and Budapest.
  19. Andalusia, Spain
    Rent a car and tour along Sevilla, Granada and Cordoba.
  20. Southern Engeland
    Start with London followed by a road trip. See Stonehenge. Take the train to Paris to finish.

Note that there’s almost no Asian destination on this list. It was created a couple of months before we went on our 6 week Indochina trip. After that trip we fell in love with Asia so now places like Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Nepal and Pakistan are high on our list. As well as Central America and Cuba. Still, most of the places in the bucket list above still apply. Some of them might be a bit too expensive when travelling on a budget but others might be well ticked off. A least we have some things to pick if we run out of ideas 🙂

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