The Master Travel Plan

When I tell people about our plan to go travel the world, one if the first things they ask is where we will be going. So is there a plan? Yes, there is… The plan is to travel slow, trying to travel overland (and sea) as much as possible to see more of the country and learn about its culture (plus it will be cheaper too). We will take our time allowing us to stay longer at one place if we like it and travel faster if we don’t. Change direction whenever we feel like it. No RTW ticket. We want to stay flexible and not plan (and book) ahead too much.

So that’s the way we want to travel. But where go first? We considered some options. We could take the Transiberian Express to Mongolia and Beijing. Or maybe discover Africa by joining an overland tour. But then I got heavily inspired by a book I read about the old Hippie Trail. Travel overland from Holland to Nepal… Across Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India to Nepal. Sounds like an adventure.

Part 1: The Hippie Trail

The original Hippie Trail goes through Afghanistan but that is not an option at the moment. Also we would like to visit Kyrgyzstan to stay in a yurt and enjoy its beautiful nature. Therefor we make a detour following the old Silk Route from Iran through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan to Kashgar in China. From there we want to take the Karakoram Highway into the north of Pakistan. After spending some weeks in Pakistan we will cross into India, traveling through Rajasthan to Varanasi and then into Nepal. After that we go south. Or maybe we go south first and then Nepal, we will see…

Travel Plan Part 1: The Hippie Trail

Part 2: The Banana Pancake Trail

After the Indian subcontinent we will most likely travel further east into Southeast Asia. We have travelled there before on earlier trips so we are already a bit familiar with that part of Asia. But still so many beautiful places to visit. High on our list are Myanmar, the Philippines, Southern China (Yunnan) and Indonesia, specially the eastern part. Also we would like to go back to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. So part 2 of we will probably be following some parts of the popular Banana Pancake Trail.

Part 2: The Banana Pancake Trail

Part 3: The Gringo Trail?

Part 3: The Gringo Trail

Could be. But by then we will be on the road for more than a year. No idea where we will head next. Maybe we stay in Southeast Asia, maybe Australia and New Zealand. Japan? But Central America is high on our list too so that might be the next destination. Learn Spanish and then hop onto… The Gringo Trail 🙂




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