Getting your Indian Visa in Kathmandu (Oct 2013)

When I searched for some information on how to apply for an Indian tourist visa in Kathmandu, I found a couple of useful blog posts but apparently the process has slightly changed so I thought […]

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Evacuation from Everest Base Camp

We’re in Kathmandu, Nepal. This morning we applied for our Indian visa. Last night we splurged on cocktails. There was live music. I can wear my flip-flops again! Life is good and comfortable here in […]

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Langmusi & Xiahe: Ride and Walk Like a Tibetan

I’m writing this post from our hostel in Xi’ning, the provincial capital of Qinghai at the edge of the Tibetan plateau. Our hostel is on the 16th floor of an apartment building and so it […]

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Experiences from the Silk Road

One of the first things I notice after we get off the bus in Kashgar are the motorcycles. There are no motorcycles in Kyrgyzstan so that’s new anyway but what’s the most remarkable: they don’t […]

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Trail Report: Kyrgyzstan

We made it to China! Two days ago we crossed the Irkeshtam border which was quite an adventure on its own. More about that in the next post. First it’s time for the report on […]

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The Irkeshtam Pass to China

It’s pouring rain as we are walking to the marshrutka standing. For most of our time in Osh it has been 30+ degrees but yesterday the weather started to change and temperature dropped to a […]

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Why Crossing Into China Needs Some Planning

And how we almost went wrong on that… It was last Wednesday that we were ready to take the marshrutka from Osh to Sary Tash, the last town before the Irkeshtam border crossing to China. The […]

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Trail Report: The Road to Istanbul

One of the first things that come to mind when you start planning for long-term traveling is “what does it cost?”. Unfortunately there’s no clear answer to that because it highly depends on the destinations […]

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Trekking to Ala Köl & Altyn Arashan

It’s a clear blue sky as we get up early to prepare for our 4-day trek to Ala Köl and Altyn Arashan. The last two days it has rained, the first rainy days since we’ve left […]

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Song-Kul and the Sheep That Drowned Herself

It’s the day after the trekking as we all sit on the beach at Song-Kul lake. The sun is shining bright and burns on our skin. Mario, Carina and I just went for a swim. […]

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